LIVESTREAM | Mojave Triangle UAP at Twentynine Palms, Holloman UFO Footage Debunked, Academic UFO Survey, Decoding an Alien Message

On a PRE-RECORDED broadcast, Ryan breaks down the latest UFO news and podcast highlights of the week, including:

- UFOs Over Turkey and Taiwan Airports

- New Survey says One in Five Academics Report Seeing a UFO

- New Project Asks How We Could Decode Alien Messages

- We're Not Going to Die in an Asteroid Attack for At Least 1,000 Years

- Has the Holloman AFB UFO Footage Been Debunked?

- Jeremy Corbell's "Mojave Triangle" Videos/Photos Possibly Explained

- Studying Radiation of UAPs

- Recorded Phone Call Between Robert Salas and AARO

- UFOs Curing Diseases

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