Having tackled the stars in the sky, this week we’re turning our gaze to the stars who walk upon the earth. From the first celebrities to Beatle-mania via way of the inaugural ‘It Girl’ we’re tackling the full A-List of famous terminologies. This gives Gyles the perfect platform for some legitimate name-dropping, we delve deeper into Susie’s Arsene Wenger brain crush, and we discover Oscar Wilde’s numerous and ingenious methods of getting noticed. We also find time to give a few listeners their 15-minutes of Purple fame by answering their language questions, Susie has a terrific trio of words, and Gyles caps things off with a witty poem about growing old. A Somethin’ Else production Susie’s Trio: Dew snail - alternative name for a slug Uhtceare - anxiety just before dawn breaks Sloom - to gently sleep or lightly slumber If you want to put a question to Gyles and Susie then email
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