P-p-p-p-p-ick up a podcast… and join us as we spill the tea (both figuratively and literally) and get busy dunking biscuits into our brew. From the Wagon Wheel to the Jammie Dodger, Susie and Gyles unpick the fascinating stories behind the names of our favourite twice-baked treats, as well as finding a little time to reveal their desert island biscuits… and quite how many they can eat in one sitting. There’s lots to digest as we learn about hobnobbing Italian Generals rubbing shoulders with flightless birds in a nice French town. And Susie reveals why she steers clear of candles on a first date… Later in the programme Gyles has a poem to get us through the darker days, Susie has her timely trio, and we get the chance to answer your myriad of questions including ones about jiffles and strops. A Somethin’ Else production. Susie’s trio: Bitching the pot - pouring the tea Gwick - to make a loud swallowing noise Omnistrain - the stress of trying to cope with everything in life.
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