This week is our first ever show recorded in front of a LIVE audience. In front of a packed room of Purple People at the Islington Assembly Hall in London, Gyles and Susie discuss their love of words and their individual “word journeys”. Susie runs through some of her favourite etymologies like Buxom, Scurryfunge and Halcyon. Gyles reveals his New Year Resolutions and gives us a run down of the longest, shortest, most common and most liked words in the English language. 

As a real treat we get to answer the Purple People’s questions with them there in the room and, as always, Susie has her trio of words for you to take into the week.

We also have an exciting announcement regarding your next tea break… get your very own Something Rhymes With Purple mug here:

Somethin’ Else production

Susie’s Trio:

Nudnik - a pestering, nagging, or irritating person; a bore

Propinquity - the state of being close to someone or something

Obabmbulate - to walk about or wander

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