Purple People hello and welcome to this week’s episode! If you’re feeling a bit powfagged never fear, we’ll be guiding you through King of the Dad Joke, the “highest form of literature”… yes, we are of course talking about Puns!

Yes puns, or paronomasia if you’re being a real word nerd (which we always are). From our favourite famous punster William Shakespeare, to punny kebab shops (Abrakebabra, Jason Donervan) Gyles and Susie will be having a look at why we love them.

Elsewhere we get pedantic with pronunciation and answer your purple post- Charlotte is Trying, Katie is sick of the weather and Megan has sang a song? Sung a song? Susie and Gyles will explain.

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Susie's Trio:

Puzzomous- Disgustingly obsequious 

Fratchy- Short tempered and quarrelsome

Nidorosity- Belching with the smell of undigested meat
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