Just A Minute

Testing, testing… one-two, one-two. Turn your wireless to the correct frequency and then turn it up as this week we bring you the terminology behind the world of radio. 

Discover the agricultural origins of the word ‘broadcast’, learn the difference between wet and dry audio, and find out why a bed is not for sleeping in and a disco isn’t an opportunity to dance. 

Elsewhere Susie’s got a fantastic trio of words to add to your vocabulary, we learn about Gyles’ first job in radio, and we’ve got a very special poem from a Purple Person. 

If you have a question for Gyles and Susie then please do email us on purple@somethinelse.com 

A Somethin’ Else production 

Susie’s Trio:
Cromulent - acceptable or legitimate
Pooter - a suction bottle used for collecting specimens
Rawky - foggy, damp, and a little bit chilly 
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