Happy Tuesday Purple People, how do we find you? Listening in the bath? Camped out under the stars? Out for your daily stroll?

If it’s the latter- well how serendipitous! As this episode we are taking a look at nation’s favourite pastime. Whether you’re a walker, a hiker or a orienteer there will be something in this episode for you. Susie strides ahead, boldly marches and struts her stuff through the linguistic latitude and longitude of all the walking words you can think of. She also explains why being a mountaineer is both an accomplishment and an insult… depending when one is given that moniker. 

Gyles may trudge and traipse across a gentle fell but he’d never trespass, despite the etymological similarity. He also shares some classic Brandreth knowledge of literary greats whose works of writing are dependent on their walking!

Elsewhere Susie and Gyles answer your purple post! Who can claim credit for the word Barbecue- our money is on the Haitians over the French but get in touch with us at if this analysis has given you the mulligrubs.

A Somethin' Else production

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Susie’s Trio:

Guddle- To fish with one's hands

Moonraker- A native of the county of Wiltshire

Pinguid- A little bit oily or greasy
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