Happy Tuesday! We must ask, are there many Purple People in the Peri-perineum? It is the perfect way to spend a blursday!

Now that we’ve properly exchanged pleasantries- get read… set and go! Because this week we are doing a Tom Daley and diving deep into the wonderfully relevant world of the Olympics!

Do you fancy an ancient ritual in honour of Zeus? Given the tight leash on demographics oh so many Olympiads ago, we think… probably not! Are you buffed and oiled and ready for the athalon? Or do you prefer the discotheque to the discus?

Regardless of what you need, we are here to answer all of your sporting and ancient athletic quibbles, queries and questions!

Elsewhere, we have more name-dropping from Gyles, a lesson in ancient Greek from Susie and, as ever, your Purple Post!

If you would like to get in touch with either Susie and Gyles please get in touch with us at purple@somethinelse.com.

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Susie’s Trio:

Videnda- Things worth seeing

Tacenda- Things that you must not speak about

Pigsnie- darling or beloved
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