Bona to vada your dolly eek, Purple People! Now, if the above greeting to today’s episode is wholly incomprehensible then let Gyles and Susie decode it for you as they take us through the fascinating language of Polari. Whether you want to add a bit of Zhuzh to your conversation or if you have experienced something a bit naff recently, Susie is here to tell us to how these words found their way into this secret language which heralded from Italian, but evolved to encompass multiple other languages, as well as using a host of linguistic tricks to create this uniting language of the traveller communities. 

Gyles will track how this language made its way into popular culture (accompanied with a number of name drops, of course!) and why in modern days, Polari found one of its homes in the LGBTQ+ community. Lau your luppers on the strillers bona and afterwards, on your computer keyboard and let Susie and Gyles know about any Polari questions you may have or if you have some Polari words you would like to share with them by emailing

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Susie’s Trio:
Sardonian - someone who flatters with deadly intent
Jettatore - someone who brings misfortune with them
Redeless - without council, or not knowing what to do particularly in an emergency
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