We are 100 today! Let’s party!

Welcome to the party Purple People as we celebrate reaching our 100th episode - we promise that it is going to be full of pep, zest and pizazz! 

Featuring booze, banquets and cockerels, Susie will take us on a tour of all the eating options at this bash from canapés to buffets, Slap-up meals to a Jacob’s Join whilst Gyles recounts tales of private soirees with the queen and punting parties of the Oxford scholars.

Talking politics is strictly prohibited as it has been a LONG time since a party was only associated with political membership, so let’s get on our dancing shoes and join in the shin-dig, but whilst trying to avoid too many shins whilst we are dancing away! 

Warning: This episode comes with a Party Pooper spoiler. 

A Somethin’ Else production.

If you have any wordy wonderings or linguistical lamentations you’d like to ask to Susie and Gyles, you can ask them by emailing purple@somethinelse.com.

Susie’s Trio: 

Stultilioquent - prone to foolish talk or babble 

Woofits - unwell feeling, especially a headache and also a moody depression 

Forblissed - filled with happiness

Don't forget to come and see Gyles and Susie in action as Something Rhymes With Purple goes LIVE and ONLINE in 2021.

Thursday 25th March 2021

7.30pm (GMT)

For tickets please go HERE!

Expect bizarre word journeys, the gruesome origins of everyday phrases, celebrity name-drops aplenty… plus a live Q&A with Gyles and Susie on the night.We look forward to seeing you there!

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