Another month, another week, another episode for our dear Purple People! Take a whiff of that petrichor and allow us to metaphorically remove the phloem from life's banana. Come join us in this wordy oasis!
This week Gyles and Susie will be remembering enough forgotten words to keep you thinking today, tomorrow and over-morrow. If you're fond of procrastination, or even a bit of perendination, never fear we'll be here whatever day of the week you like to listen.
Gyles wonders if his hallux makes him a secret royal, takes pride in his glabrous visage and wonders where in the body the uvula is. Meanwhile, Susie explains why the philtrum and the omphalos are as precious to mammals as they were to Ancient Greeks, tells us why your caruncle may be bigger when you're tired and generally gives us the ultimate anatomy class according to an etymologist.
We also answer some purple mail about poodle-fakers, pagans and pedipulation!
A Somethin’ Else production
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Susies trio:
Bucklebuster- a line in a play or book or comedy that makes you laugh out loud
Sequaciousness- the slalavish following of another, even to extreme ends
Whithering and Wuthering- move with great force or to buffet like the wind 
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