Hold the phone! Stop what you’re doing and dial in to a new Purple Podcast coming to you down the line. For obvious reasons Susie and Gyles can’t record together this week, but fear not, through the magic of technology they’re still able to chat and offer you their usual mix of interesting etymology and amusing anecdotes. As they’re on the blower, they’ll be delving into the world of the telephone and it’s successors/contenders. Why do we give someone a bell? How should you answer the phone? All will be revealed.

Also, Gyles and Susie debate the origin of the phrase ‘cheerio’, they test their knowledge of the NATO alphabet and Susie reveals the connection between Morse code and ‘umpteen’.

As well as his inspirational quotation, Gyles has another excellent 20s hand-washing poem for you to try, and Susie will be wowing us once again with her weekly trio.

A Somethin’ Else production

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Susie’s Trio:

Gowpen - two handfuls of something

Pronk - a weak or slightly foolish person. (Also, a verb meaning ‘to leap in the air like a springbok)

Tractatrix - someone who shampoos your hair


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