Today we are getting all in a tangle (and we will be entertaining the 8 legged type that has fittingly titled today’s episode) as we dive into the devilish world of plurals in the English language. We will watch our one foot transform into two feet, see a solitary goose find some friends and become geese, and find out why a mouse does not multiply into meese. Susie is on hand to steer us through this confusing, complex and sometimes plain incorrect history that will take us from the Germans, to the Anglo-Saxons, to the Greeks. Together with Gyles, she’ll take a look at the moments of pop culture and technology that have also added an extra element to this convoluted etymological terrain. 

A Somethin' Else production.

Susie's Trio: 
Nuddle - to walk alone with your head held low 
Croggie - to ride on the handlebars on your friends bike. 
Slabsauce- person who enjoys eating fine food.

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