Tuxedo Park

We can hear the bells today, Purple People! Here in the UK, we have hit wedding season so Susie and Gyles have decided to provide you with some charming titbits to entertain those table guests you’ll be next to on the big day. 

The time for firkytoodling is done so, get out your best tux (or morning suit as Gyles will passionately advocate), find your finest corsage and we hope you remembered to RSVP because the ushers will be showing you to your seat shortly. Susie will walk us - not down the aisle - but through the big day explaining how a bride swigging her ale at the bridal party was always the way, what tractors and the bride’s dress have in common and why personal hygiene issues were to thank for a key component of the bridesmaid attire for the day. 

But smelly wedding guests aren’t the only people making their mark on the big day as Gyles reveals his legacy regarding the civil wedding service. We also have the latest instalment in the etymological battle for the word ‘Digs’ with contestant Brandreth coming in with some further evidence. Purple people are promised front row seats as this war of words continues to unfold. 

Alongside wedding invites and ‘save the date’ postcards, Susie and Gyles would love receive a correspondence from you. If you would like to get in touch with either Susie and Gyles please get in touch with us at purple@somethinelse.com.

A Somethin’ Else production 

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Susie’s Trio:
Procaffeinating - to put everything off until you’ve had at least one mug of coffee 
Conjubilant - rejoicing with others

Introuvable - not capable of being found, specifically of books
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