Chocks away! Roll out! Hello!

It’s another Tuesday and we’re pushing the envelope (well, not really, but we love alliteration) and presenting you, our Purple People, with another episode! 

The last year and a half has been almost entirely devoid of holidays. Have you missed the miniatures? Have you longed for a drink as you fly over the drink? Have you ever had a Delsey dinner with a crumb cruncher? 

Well even if you’re not up in the air, we at Something Rhymes With Purple will get you half way there this week, as we take off, cruise and land in the world of Aeroplanes! 

Susie tells us how her love of turbulence turned a corner when a trolly dolly took a tumble (though don’t you call them that!) and explains how Roger and Romeo are related. Gyles adds the concorde to his fabulous list of names to drop and tells us all about Carol Vorderman in the cockpit! 

Elsewhere Mayday has nothing to do with Summer, crop dusting has nothing to do with the harvest and mangoes may well be the favourite fruit of Mile High club members. 

We love getting your Purple Post so if you have a question for Gyles and Susie then fire it over to purple@somethinelse.com and Bob’s your uncle. 

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Umbriferous - casting or making shade 

Solander - protective box made in the form of a book 

Ortanique - cross between and orange and a tangerine 

A Somethin’ Else production. 

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