Hello Purple People! We hope you’re not feeling too blue, or marooned right now, but fear not Gyles and Susie are here to take you down another etymological rabbit hole to get you back into the pink. This week it’s all about colours! Why are the blues blue, envious eyes green, and a coward’s belly yellow? We’ll be donning our rose-tinted spectacles, avoiding white elephants and searching for the silver linings in all of this. Also, we’ll find out why a black sheep is a good thing in Italy…

As always, Gyles has a poem for us to wash our hands to as well as a quotation to take into the week, and Susie will be dropping three more interesting words into our day-to-day vocabulary.

Keep your questions and comments coming in: purple@somethinelse.com

A Somethin’ Else production.

Susie’s Trio:

Shoulder-clapper - someone who is unnecessarily friendly an overfamiliar

Blunkerkin - a general incompetent

Respair - a return to hope or a recovery


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