Today is an episode for the bookworms (and we are assuming that that will be many of you, Purple People) as Susie and Gyles will be delving into the world of books. Come (digitally) leaf through the chapter of this volume of the Purple anthology to hear what chapters and cabbages have in common, why our index finger pointed out the perfect name for the index page and why having the book thrown at you, meant you were off to prison for a very long time.

Susie will share how her love of reading stemmed from ingredient labels and Gyles also has a royal surprise in store for us! A Somethin’ Else productionIf you have any questions for Gyles and Susie, please email

A Somethin' Else production.

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Susie's Trio

Recrudescence - the recurrence of an undesirable condition.

Quakebuttock - A coward

Potpanion - A drinking companion

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