Postman Purple is back with his big sack of Purple People correspondence! 

You heard it right folks, Gyles and Susie are diving into the mail bag where we are going to explore what connects airports and kitchens, what happened when Susie tried charcoal toothpaste and we have some Purple People theories on your ‘Aunt Nels’ (spoiler: includes shells and elephants). 

We also venture into the world of the extraterrestrial and - perhaps a purple first - learn some language of the martians. Gyles takes us on a dangerous and sadly fateful voyage with a Flawed Horny Well Worn Ghost (Gyles will reveal all!) and also coins a new term we are sure many of you will relate to, as he acknowledges himself as a ‘dent-o-phile’. - to be submitted to the OED imminently. 

Yours faithfully,

The Purple Producers 

A Somethin’ Else production. 

We love getting your Purple Post so please email and you might be hearing your question in your Aunt Nels in the upcoming weeks. 

Plangent - A loud and resonant sound 
Dendrology - The scientific study of trees
Wegotist - Someone who overuses the royal ‘we’ 

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