It’s an honor to have you with us today Purple People as we plow through the colorful world of the lexicographer, author, language reformer and perhaps famously the dictionary creator, Noah Webster. 

Known as the father of American English, he is the man principally responsible for the loss of the ‘u’ in the American spelling of words like ‘color’ and the person responsible for adding J and V to our alphabet. 

Although we still visit islands (not ilands) and operate machines rather than masheens, his contribution to language is staggering and in this episode Susie and Gyles will deep dive into what cawt on and which went to the linguistic jail (thankfully ‘jail’ was one of the replacements that did catch on and replace its former ‘gaol’). 

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Susie’s trio:
Finagal - to use devious methods to bring something about
Havey-cavey - unsteady/uncertain or not sure of what you’re doing 
Toot-Moot - a low, muffled conversation 

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