Bizzies and Kirtles

You’re nicked! This week we’re playing Cops and Robbers and chasing down the origins of words and phrases on both sides of the law. Find out who gave us the terms Bobbies and Peelers, why you should respect an Onion, and what to do if you come across a Black Rat. On the other side of the cell door, on account of our kirtling, we’ll be rolling up the Veras, pouring ourselves a weak diesel and watching the custard, away from the watchful eye of the kangas…

As always Susie will be giving us her handy trio of words and Gyles will be lifting our spirits with his quote for the week… as well as detailing the downsides of his new electric car.

A Somethin’ Else production.

Susie’s Trio:

Grumbletonian - a person who is often discontented and taken to grumbling

Cuddle-me-buff - beer

Haplology - the omission of one occurrence of a sound or syllable which is repeated within a word

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