Lovely Jubbly!

Pay little heed to the title Purple People, this is still your weekly words and language podcast, Something Rhymes with Purple and not an Only Fool and Horses parody podcast but it does introduce us nicely to the subject of today’s episode: catchphrases!

Ever wondered how something becomes a catchphrase? How catchphrases differ from a slogan or a quote? If you can even trademark a catchphrase? Then do listen on dear Purple People because in this episode Susie will take us back to the days of the British Music Hall to paint a potted history of Catchphrases. 

Along the way, she’ll stop off at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships, visit our dear yellow friends The Simpsons and Susie even has a quiz in store for us. Gyles becomes Detective Brandreth for the episode as he busts some catchphrase myths and reveals his celebrity doppelgänger (it’s not the young Dirk Bogarde much to Gyles’ disappointment).

A Somethin’ Else production

Susie and Gyles want to hear the catchphrases you’ve grown up with - please email and let them know!

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Susie's Trio:
Urtication - the act of whipping a numb limb with nettles in order to restore its feelings. 
Seeksorrow - One who acts to his own detriment
Drowning the Miller - to use more water than necessary
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