This week we’re taking a little downtime and exploring the language behind some well-known hobbies and pastimes. Do you know your ‘aggie' from your ‘slag'? Your ‘taw' from your ‘duck'? Don’t worry, we haven’t lost our marbles but rather we’ll be playing with them. Plus we’ll be getting our binoculars out, having a little twitch, and attempting to finally 'grill' that ‘blocker'. And, if that wasn’t exhausting enough, we’re hitting the green to find out the meanings of ‘flub', ‘whiff', and ‘shank' on the golf course, hopefully avoiding an 'Arthur Scargill' and a 'fried egg' along the way… It’s tiring work taking it easy!

As always Susie will be wowing us with her useful trio of words for the week, and we discover Gyles’ impressive history in the world of board games… and why his family might be responsible for the wild parakeets in West London…

Susie’s trio:

Shivviness - the feeling of discomfort when wearing new underwear

Scuddling - to run with affected haste

Razzle - to cook something until the outside of it burns, while the inside remains raw

A Somethin’ Else production.


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