Snakes, Ladders and a Live show!

Show notes: Hello Purple People, Word Nerds and to all of you who joined us live last Thursday but are loyally listening again! In this, our 104th Episode, we are LIVE on our two year anniversary and what better way to celebrate than with all of you, watching and listening from all over the planet!

Susie is cat-bombed, Gyles’ jumpers are extraordinary and a mystery man makes an appearance…

You won’t be bored of the board game chat, Susie impresses with her poker face and a rather witty Purple Person on Twitter has an excellent suggestion for a game of Gyles Name-drop bingo!

We also answer some excellent Purple Post: Natalie wants to know why you can log in, log in a book and if logs coming from trees have anything to do with it; Helen wonders whether a bread roll or bread cake is better; and they say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but Craig’s guide dog Bruce may think that’s a terrible cliché, and just who are we calling old anyway?

How well do you know Susie’s trio? Each week Susie gives us three magnificent words to bolster our vocabulary but how much attention are you paying?

Here is one of those words and three possible definitions…

The word is SEQUACIOUS…

a) someone who squirrels things away for safe keeping

b) someone who acts in a manner outside of the church’s teachings

c) someone who follows a person or philosophy without independence of thought

Congratulations to our live show trio trivia winners, Theresa, Ben and Petrina!

Gyles unusual scrabble words for your next game:

AA: Volcanic Lava

Bambi: Born Again Middle-aged Biker

Boo-bird: Someone who boos

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