A Floral Balls Up

Well it’s a new week Purple People, and we’re coming to you from a very rainy July in England. Despite the grey and shortening days (thanks for the reminder Gyles), we’re bringing you a seed of summer with a lovely chat about flowers.

Susie reminds us of one of our favourite, most misleadingly named flowers - the Jerusalem Artichoke (do check out our other episode on Flowers called Edelweiss), explains why Poppies are poopy and an excellent symbol of the circle of life, and why orchids are a rather… ballsy flower.

Gyles bestows and adopts a new nickname- one that his wife may disapprove of- and reveals that he loves sunflowers and green carnations… he and Susie have a love of Wilde flowers in common!

Elsewhere we have more bollocks chat, answer your punny Purple post and, are treated to a poem from Gyles reminding us all to appreciate the rain in summer…

Susie’s Trio:

Paraph- flourish after a signature

Peely wally- feeling ratjer “meh” or under the weather

Kenspeckle- conspicuous or easily recognised

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