Bulge Bracket

Bears, Bulls! High, Low! Buy, Sell! And welcome, Purple People, to another episode. This week we’re scaling the wall of Wall Street and trekking the Square Mile of The City as we climb the ladder of high finance!

Who knew that the world of bankers and brokers was so full of broken benches, brutish beasts and and bad behaviour. Are you a stag? Have you seen a dead cat bounce? Are you standing on a block of wood or hiding amongst the hedges?

Susie makes a death pledge while trying on a vest, but Gyles is too busy opening his kimono… confused? Don’t worry, so are we- finance is a whole new world!

Elsewhere we open some punny, porridge related purple post and receive some sage advice. So whether you’re anxious about being an IPOD or are a bit of a FUNT, we have something here for you!

Elsewhere Susie and Gyles answer your purple post! Who can claim credit for the word Barbecue- our money is on the Haitians over the French but get in touch with us at purple@somethinelse.com if this analysis has given you the mulligrubs.

A Somethin' Else production

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Susie’s Trio:

Lectory- a place for reading

Oxyphonia- Excessive shrillness of voice

Consenescence- growing old together
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