This week we’re peeking behind the magician’s cloth to trick you into a world of tricks, rigs, and prestidigitation. With characteristic sleight-of-hand our mesmerising hosts saw in half the language of magicians, Gyles shares some jaw-dropping tales from being up close with TV magicians, and Susie recounts a tale of when Countdown’s Nick Hewer was scammed on the street. 

Warning: this episode does contain some minor spoilers of how well-known tricks are performed. Please don’t tell the Magic Circle.

As always there’s plenty of time to answer your questions and this week we get to the bottom of snewing in Liverpool, the link between garlic cloves and your toes, and there’s a chance for Susie to practice her Scouse accent as she asks, “Accrington Stanley… who are they?”

A Somethin’ Else production

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Susie’s Trio:
Knick-knackatarian - a dealer in nick nacks
Flamfoo - a gaudily-dressed female; someone who is more froth than substance 
Biblioklept - a book thief, someone who borrows a book and never gives it back

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