What-ho Purple People! This week we’re ‘up to the eyebrows’ and having a good old ‘chortle’ at some of the words introduced to the English language by authors. Prepare to be ‘bedazzled’ by this ‘unputdownable’ episode where we’ll be looking into the inventions of PG Wodehouse, Lewis Carroll, Joseph Heller and many more, as well as hopefully avoiding falling into a ‘honeytrap’ or getting stuck in a ‘Catch-22’. Oh and we’ll reveal the origin of the word ‘podcast’ too.

As always we’ll be answering the always fantastic emails you’ve been sending into us, Susie will expand our vocabulary with her weekly trio of words, and Gyles will leave us feeling inspired with his quotation of the week. Pip Pip!

Susie’s trio:

Shoulder-clapper: someone who is unnecessarily friendly and overfamiliar

Ratiocinator: someone who reasons logically

Dutch Feast: a party at which the host gets drunk before the guests

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