Episode 34: Tom DeLonge (Angels & Airwaves / To The Stars Academy Of Arts & Science)

On this episode I speak with Tom Delonge, frontman of Angels & Airwaves, founder of To The Stars Academy Of Arts & Science and former guitarist and singer of Blink 182. We discuss the new AVA single 'All Thats Left Is Love' and the making of the bands forthcoming album during the pandemic. We also discuss the work TTSA is doing with regard tobringing forward information and ideas that tie in with the phenomenon and its relationship to UAP's or as they are more commonly referred to as UFO's.

There is an edit two thirds of the way through that would have been too obvious to not draw attention to, so I put in a censor beep which is mad clickbait-y but thats cos I am a dick. There wasnt any huge secret going on that I covered up, its just we started down a route of conversation that we didn't have time to get into as he was due to take a call as soon as we finished. So, chill. He didn't tell me the secrets of the universe.

Tom can be found here: www.instagram.com/tomdelonge

and the To The Stars Academy Of Art & Science site is here: www.tothestarsacademy.com

My IG is here: www.instagram.com/danielpcarter and the podcast is here: www.instagram.com/swimpodcast

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