Episode 29: Fat Mike (NOFX / Cokie The Clown etc.)

In this episode I talk with NOFX frontman / songwriter Fat Mike about his incredible recent album as Cokie The Clown called You're Welcome (Fat Wreck Chords)

We started off by discussing the upcoming show that NOFX is playing in Portland (they've announced it now so I didn't need to bleep it out) with an orchestra 'The Decline' in full and then moved onto the Cokie record and little about his musical Home Street Home. We also talk a bit about Mike's love of BDSM and his line of womens clothing for men. All in all it was a very open and frank conversation.

Mike can be found here: www.instagram.com/fatmikedude

His label is here: https://fatwreck.com/

I can be found here: www.instagram.com/danielpcarter & www.twitter.com/danielpcarter

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As always, my cover painting of Mike is in oil, acrylic and ink on paper.

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