Episode 25: Mike Shinoda (Musician / Artist / Linkin Park)

Mike Shinoda discusses the making of his fantastic debut solo album 'Post Traumatic', the paintings that were to become the albums artwork and the creative process in general. We also touch upon passing of his friend and Linkin Park bandmate Chester Bennington and how making the album was a means of coming to terms with that.

It seems appropriate putting this episode online today, as I just saw that today is World Suicide Prevention Day.

This is a slightly shorter episode than normal due to a busy schedule. As I explain in the intro, there is some extra conversation added that I felt relevant from a conversation we had later that day with a slight change in audio quality. Please excuse the jumps between the two chats when they happen.

Go check the album out on your streaming platform of choice or pick up a physical copy here:


Mike can be found online here:

Twitter: www.twitter.com/mikeshinoda

Instagram: www.instagram.com/m_shinoda

and Daniel is here:



The cover painting was more challenging than normal (I realise that I probably say that with each one) but it came out pretty decent in the end. I wanted to include some of Mikes own graf style imagery and Boris the sock puppet that Mike used in the video he made for the track off of the album 'Ghosts'.


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