Episode 26: D. Randall Blythe (Lamb Of God / Photographer / Rad Human)

In this episode I spoke with Randy from Lamb Of God, when his band were over supporting Slayer at the final headline show Slayer were doing in London before calling it quits. We talked about life, art and music that encompassed stuff like the nature of being in the public eye, social media, the state of the world and his passion for photography.You can find Randy online here: www.instagram.com/drandallblytheThis is his only social media as he hates it. Haha!You can find the podcast here: www.instagram.com/swimpodcast and www.twitter.com/swimpodcastplease hit me up with any suggestions for future guests etc.Leave a review on iTunes (5 stars and glowing praise always appreciated.)Stream on Spotify on loop with the sound down and i may even get some money. Speaking of which, would anyone want to buy merch? Shirts or something to help support the podcast? Let me know. Thanks as always.I apologise that the intro is something of a bum out.DPCx

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