Episode 1 - Rory Bremner, Jo Brand, Alex Lowe, Elf Lyons, Helen Bauer & Lily Phillips

Some Sunny Day is a podcast about being, well, stuck indoors and going a bit mad.

Just like everyone else, the nation’s comedians are at home, trying not to eat lunch at eight in the morning, so to keep them sane we’ve let them send us the funny things they’ve made.

Our opening offering includes an update from Boris Johnson, Elf Lyons stuck in a maze, Lily Phillips listing lockdown lessons, sage advice from Jo Brand, the complete opposite from Jacob Rees Mogg and Helen Bauer locking eyes over Robbie Williams while Barry From Watford (Alex Lowe) locks eyes with a hernia.

We can’t stop everyone being cooped up at home, but give Some Sunny Day a listen and you’ll be cooped up with a bunch of comedians. Kind of like that house share you lived in (but we promise this time they’ll be funny).

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