The Impact of Covenant Theology on Theonomy (Part 2)

On this episode we will dive back into the foundations of Covenant Theology, Taking a look at the pre-manifestation language of the Prophet Isaiah, as well as t the Words about our Lord and statements by our Lord concerning that which was immutably said before the foundations of the world by his own witness in the confirming of the Covenant of Grace.

We will then consider dispensationalism's attempt to take away and add to the Covenants of God, as well as how that theology would oppose a Theonomy in its nature.

We will then finally take a look at death penalty offenses, particularly of the example given to us from 1 Corinthians 5, of 'Incest' and ask the question, "What is the difference between Moses' Theonomy and the Corinthian Church?", and then to top it all off, we'll look at the death penalty for adultery administered under a Theonomic reformed government in history, an see how Christ's blood was understood by the executed person.