Why Influencers Are a Brand’s Best Friend

Anthony Yepez, SVP of Brand Strategy & Marketing Partnerships at CEG (Central Entertainment Group) joins the Social Pros podcast to discuss the interesting dynamics of influencer-brand relationships and the best way to maximize them.

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Word on the virtual streets has it that influencer marketing is catching on like a wildfire… and it’s not dying down anytime soon. With social media users seeking out more genuine connections, there are few better ways to reach out to them than influencers.

Joining Social Pros for the second time around, Anthony Yepez, SVP of Brand Strategy & Marketing Partnerships at CEG, takes the mic to discuss the delicate dynamics of the influencer-brand relationship.

We catch up on what he’s been up to since he last joined the show before he delves headfirst into brand expectations for influencers and the best way to ensure those expectations are met. Anthony also explains where the influencer’s creative freedom stops and brand safety kicks in. Hint: it’s all about finding the right balance.

In This Episode:

  • 03:58 What Anthony has been up to since he last joined the show
  • 06:07 Anthony gives some insights into his new role
  • 07:49 The unique dynamic between sales and relationship building
  • 09:52 What brand expectations for influencers are right now
  • 10:44 The importance of data when matching influencers with your audience
  • 12:20 Why it’s vital to know what you want to accomplish with influencers
  • 14:00 How influencer marketing has evolved over the years
  • 16:41 Long term vs short term brand-influencer collaborations
  • 18:46 Why it’s important to give creators the liberty to create
  • 21:16 How to balance creative freedom with brand safety
  • 23:20 Common ways brands overlook creative executions
  • 25:29 Anthony’s take on which social media platform is the best for influencing
  • 32:17 Why social media platforms need some sort of regulation
  • 35:09 Anthony’s advice to social pros on creating a work-life balance
  • 38:18 Misconceptions about content creation that lead to burnout
  • 41:42 Anthony’s advice to anyone who wants to become a social pro


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