Greatest Hits: Lauren Thomas

It’s another Greatest Hits episode and this time we’re revisiting the insightful discussion we had with Lauren Thomas, Senior Manager of Communications & Social at Intuit Consumer Group. She discusses how Intuit makes tax content fun and engaging.

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In this trip down memory lane, we’re revisiting an episode with one of our many fantastic guests, Lauren Thomas, Senior Manager of Communications & Social at Intuit Consumer Group. She discusses how innovation helps Intuit see massive social success and how she leads — not manages— the team that drives this success.

Truth be told, tax and budgeting are not the most interesting topics in the world. But somehow, Intuit keeps winning on social by creating content that’s fun, engaging, and educational.

Lauren takes us back to the drawing board where she crafted some of the engaging content Intuit puts out there. We also hear how the brand works with both personal finance and general lifestyle influencers to create relatable content.

In This Episode:

  • 03:46 How Lauren wears so many hats in her team
  • 05:39 How Lauren uses social listening and insights from Voice of Customer
  • 08:27 Why job roles affect how social listening is carried out
  • 10:47 How Intuit engages its audience throughout the year
  • 13:42 Lauren explains how her team handles the shift in social engagement all year round
  • 15:42 How Intuit blends tax and finance content with lifestyle content
  • 18:38 Lauren explains how Intuit used Cameo as a unique marketing push
  • 22:48 How influencers help Intuit turn serious tax topics into something more engaging
  • 26:26 Intuit’s social care team’s approach to protecting personal information
  • 33:33 Lauren shares the story behind ending up in the Guinness Book of World Records
  • 37:51 How to get leadership to understand your vision
  • 41:11 Lauren explains how she helps others operate in the ‘zone of genius’
  • 45:12 Lauren’s top tip for those looking to become a social pro


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