How Justin Tse Gained 1.5 Million Followers

Justin Tse, the CEO of Feature Media, joins the Social Pros podcast to share his story and insider tips on how he built a monumental followership on social media.

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Gaining 1.5 million followers, having a total of seven income streams, and becoming a well-known YouTube influencer all by the age of 25 are successes many of us can only dream of.  But, Justin Tse, the CEO of Feature Media has done it all and he joins Social Pros to give some insights into how he managed it.

We hear how Justin’s passion for content creation started out as a hobby and how he’s managed to harness that initial wonder as it evolved into a lucrative business. He also shares insider knowledge on how the influencer-brand dynamic works and how to harness it to the fullest.

Alongside practical advice all content creators and influencers can use to perfectly blend their creativity and business acumen, Justin discusses the evolving state of influencer marketing.

In This Episode:

  • 05:00 How Justin built a brand with such impressive stats
  • 06:57 Justin’s take on product lifespan
  • 08:55 Common brand expectations for influencers
  • 11:36 What the typical process is for brands and influencers
  • 14:12 The dynamics of Justin’s team behind the scenes
  • 16:36 Running a media company vs being a lone influencer
  • 18:40 The difference between working directly with brands and working with them through agencies
  • 23:49 The typical timeframe from brand partnership to the actual content creation
  • 25:45 The best way to tap into an influencer’s community
  • 28:53 Striking a balance between content creation speed and quality
  • 32:50 How Justin stands out as a content creator
  • 37:44 How Justin tests the content for his course
  • 39:32 Justin’s course and how it helps other content creators
  • 46:17 The best place to find Justin’s content on social media
  • 43:39 Justin’s advice for anyone looking to become a social pro


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