An Extra Special Social Pros: Meet the Co-Hosts!

One episode ago, we said a fond farewell to long-time hosts Jay Baer and Adam Brown. But things are far from over on the Social Pros podcast. As promised, this episode introduces our two brand new co-hosts and long-time members of the Social Pros family. Say hello to Erika Lovegreen, SVP of Marketing and Communications at ICUC, and Daniel Lemin, Senior Strategist, CX Advisor at Convince & Convert. 

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Full Episode Details

The last episode of Social Pros marked the end of an era for pioneer hosts, Jay Baer and Adam Brown. But they definitely left Anna Hrach in great company as ICUC’s Erika Lovegreen and Convince and Convert’s Daniel Lemin step up to the plate as the new co-hosts.

Seeing as they’re no strangers to the show, they fit right in to this episode of the Social Pros podcast. Alongside Anna, they discuss some of the things they hope to cover on the show moving forward. They also delve into discussions about their favorite social media platforms and round things up with a modified version of the “big two.”

Heads up: If you’re still on the fence about the Metaverse, you’ll want to tune in to this episode for some unmissable insights from both Erika and Daniel.

In This Episode:

  • 02:20 - Erika’s experience keeping the secret that she’d be joining Social Pros
  • 03:28 - Erika shares some info about herself and the ICUC
  • 06:12 - Anna announces ICUC as the podcast’s new sponsor
  • 07:34 - Daniel introduces himself and shares his experience as an author
  • 10:59 - Why Erika hopes to discuss growing community spaces on the show
  • 12:46 - Daniel’s take on the rising cases of burnout among social media content creators
  • 15:10 - Why mental health is a big conversation in community management spaces
  • 16:44 - Why brands need to gear up for the metaverse
  • 20:11 - Questions surrounding the metaverse
  • 22:17 - Thoughts on how TikTok creators will leverage the new 10 minute time span
  • 24:10 - Why there’s more to Reddit than what meets the eye
  • 27:38- Erika and Daniel share what currently excites them about social media


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