Analysis of 5 Million Posts Shows What Works Now in Social Media

Seth Bridges, the Founder and Head of Product & Marketing at Rival IQ, joins this episode of Social Pros to discuss what it takes to keep engagement rates up and share his 2022 social media industry benchmark report.

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Getting likes is important, views are equally great, but what really ties everything together is a keen understanding of engagement rates.

Seth Bridges, the Founder and Head of Product & Marketing at Rival IQ believes in the importance of engagement rates so much that he’s published six installments of his benchmark report. For context, the report analyzed 5 million pieces of content across 14 industries to highlight the biggest engagement dos and don’ts.

In this conversation, Seth discusses the factors that affect engagement rates and emphasizes consistency. He also throws in some pointers on social media algorithms, including how to use them to your advantage.

In This Episode:

  • 03:39 - How Rival IQ helps social media marketers
  • 04:37 - The platforms covered in Rival IQ’s report
  • 07:09 - How industry and strategy affect engagement rates
  • 14:55 - Why Rival IQ analyzes both organic and paid posts across platforms
  • 19:31 - How consistency affects social media reach
  • 24:31 - Factors that affect engagement rates
  • 31:21 - The surprising aspects of Seth’s report
  • 36:37 - Jumping on popular hashtags vs creating your own
  • 40:11 - Seth’s advice for anyone looking to become Social Pros


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