Rethinking Your Marketing Strategy with John Jantsch

John Jantsch, Founder and author of Duct Tape Marketing, joins this episode of the Social Pros Podcast to share his methods for revisiting your marketing strategy.

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John Jantsch, Founder and author of Duct Tape Marketing, discusses what has changed (and hasn’t changed) in the marketing landscape and how you can stay relevant.

He talks about how marketing fundamentals may remain the same, but the way we need to reach customers has changed. Customers are making buying decisions in different ways in the modern world, and so to keep ahead, you need to constantly tweak your strategy.

John shares some great insights into how you can leverage customer reviews and use them in your strategy. He also gives his take on brand storytelling and how it has almost become a cliché (unless you do it right).

In This Episode:

  • 1:15 – Why John decided to write The Ultimate Marketing Engine
  • 2:16 – How John pulled all his knowledge together to write such a comprehensive book
  • 3:35 – John explains what he means by the “marketing hourglass”
  • 6:05 – Why John refers to customers as members
  • 9:30 – Why customer service is an overlooked part of marketing
  • 13:11 – How The Ultimate Marketing Engine builds on the wisdom of his previous books
  • 15:21 – How you can uncover the “real problem” in business (and solve it)
  • 17:17 – Why customer reviews are a “hidden goldmine” of customer research
  • 19:15 – Why businesses often miss the boat when selling a solution
  • 21:59 – The importance of narrowing your focus in marketing
  • 25:59 – The difference between storytelling and narrative
  • 31:55 – What John has learned about social media from being one of ten children
  • 34:05 – John’s approach to generating referrals and whether you should compensate them
  • 40:05 – John’s top tip for anyone wanting to become a social pro


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