How Ferrara Candy Company Is Crushing Social

Candy fans unite! This is the Social Pros episode for you. Brian Camen, Senior Director of Media, Content & Public Relations at Ferrara Candy Company, joins Social Pros to let us in on his social mastery secrets. Huge thanks to our amazing sponsors for helping us make this happen. Please support them; we couldn't do it without their help! This week: Salesforce Marketing Cloud


Full Episode Details

Brian Camen, long-time candy fan and Senior Director of Media, Content & Public Relations at Ferrara Candy Company, joins the Social Pros podcast to drop some tasty morsels of advice.

As a company with multiple brands for different candies, managing social media for them all is a mammoth task. Brian lets us in on his secrets and explains his team’s process for creating social content that drives results.

He explains why it’s so important to know each brand well and its target audience, and balance that with the typical users on each social media platform. We hear how Ferrara Candy made its break into TikTok, and Brian shares some food for thought on the future of the platform.

In This Episode:

  • 4:54 – Brian takes us through his career journey at Ferrara Candy Company
  • 12:10 – How to juggle social media for 50+ accounts
  • 14:02 – How Ferrara Candy Company evolves with its audience
  • 16:43 – Brian, Anna, and Daniel swap stories on their favorite candies
  • 19:22 – Brian’s approach to testing campaigns and developing a learning agenda
  • 22:18 – What Brian means by “failing fast”
  • 24:29 – How Brian and the team first approached TikTok
  • 27:53 – Brian’s take on breaking the algorithm on TikTok
  • 29:32 – Why audio is still a great opportunity on social
  • 32:09 – How Ferrara Candy Company won two REGGIE awards
  • 39:47 – Brian’s top tip for anyone who wants to become a social pro


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