How Visit California Jumped into TikTok

Gwynne Spann, Director of Content Marketing at Visit California, joins this episode of the Social Pros Podcast for a behind-the-scenes look at their TikTok strategy.

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Gwynne Spann, Director of Content Marketing at Visit California, is on Social Pros to chat about TikTok, content marketing, audience targeting, and much more.

She shares the initial hesitancy she and her team had around TikTok and how her daughter convinced her to finally take the plunge.

While fairly new to TikTok, we get a glimpse into how Visit California approached the platform in the right way, prioritizing authenticity and a tailored strategy specific to TikTok.

Gwynne explains how the wider marketing strategy uses a lot of geographic targeting based on audience travel habits and how that influences the type of content they post. We also hear a bit about how Visit California works with travel partners, brand ambassadors, and Gwynne hints that we’ll likely see more influencer content in the future. 

In This Episode:

  • 4:41 – How marketing to in-state residents differs from out-of-state audiences
  • 7:44 – How Visit California uses audience targeting
  • 11:28 – Why Visit California launched its own TikTok
  • 17:48 – Why TikTok is such a different beast than other social channels
  • 20:57 – How Visit California works with all its different business and venue partners
  • 24:30 – The success metrics that Visit California monitors
  • 26:56 – How Visit California does sentiment analysis
  • 31:02 – Gwynne explains what type of content is resonating the most on TikTok
  • 36:10 – The top piece of advice Gwynne has for those thinking of becoming a social pro


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