How Social Pros Can Build Their Own Personal Brands

Mary Nice, Senior Strategist at Convince & Convert, takes the mic in this episode to share some tried and tested strategies for building a personal brand.

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If you’re a social pro, then the idea of building a personal brand isn’t so far-fetched. It’s already part of your day job, albeit on a larger scale. However, our guest on this Social Pros episode, Mary Nice, the Senior Strategist at Convince & Convert, points out that there are a few differences between working for a bigger brand and venturing out on your own.

She walks us through her personal journey in creating a personal brand and her motivation behind taking that bold step. Mary also stresses the importance of passion when building a brand and gives some pointers on how to handle negative comments on social media.

She follows that up with a must-listen discussion on the key practices social pros need to bring forward to create their personal brands, which is packed with useful and practical tips!

In This Episode:

  • 05:21 Mary talks through her decision to build a personal brand
  • 08:56 What motivates people to pursue their own personal brands
  • 10:47 How passion motivates consistency
  • 12:07 The ins and outs of building a social brand
  • 14:30 How Mary built an audience on TikTok
  • 15:44 Why controversial content works so well
  • 17:34 How Mary and Jay handle negative feedback
  • 22:02 How to pick the right kind of format for your content
  • 26:35 Core practices all social pros should bring forward
  • 30:40 Why you should take a simple approach to creating content
  • 34:30 Can anybody build a personal brand?
  • 37:26 Mary’s advice to anyone who wants to become a social pro


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