How to Make Customers Love Your Social Media Program

Dan Gingiss, Chief Experience Officer at The Experience Maker and keynote speaker, joins this episode of Social Pros to throw the spotlight on the customer experience.

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Dan Gingiss, Chief Experience Officer at The Experience Maker, is a keynote speaker and author of ‘Winning in Social Customer Care’. His latest book, ‘The Experience Maker’ offers fantastic insights into how to build remarkable experiences for your customers.

He joins the Social Pros podcast to give us a sneak peek at the wisdom he’s packed into his latest book. Dan discusses the importance of customer experience and how the pandemic only highlighted this.

While there’s a lot of competition in many industries, there’s not much competition when it comes to providing a fantastic customer experience. Dan talks about how we’re often disappointed by brands and that one clear way to stand out is to go beyond customer expectations.

Dan takes Social Pros listeners through the WISE system of creating content and communicating with customers, and why good customer experience starts with good employee experience.

In This Episode:

  • 4:40 – Why there’s an ongoing need for books about customer experience
  • 9:23 – How you can still overdeliver on social media to keep customers happy
  • 12:22 – Why you can’t do good customer experience without good employee experience
  • 15:11 – How a focus on customer acquisition rather than retention affects the customer experience
  • 21:03 – How Dan feels about brand voices on social that don’t match the brand
  • 24:05 – Dan explores some examples of brands that are getting it right
  • 26:45 – Why marketing’s job has always been to promise the customer experience
  • 28:24 – The most important metrics for social media
  • 31:38 – Why CEOs are overlooking the ROI of satisfied customers
  • 32:27 – Why Dan thinks using social to sell is the wrong approach
  • 33:30 – Why customers and brands now prefer direct messages on social media
  • 36:46 – Dan’s top tip for someone looking to become a social pro


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