Change the Social Game with Savannah Bananas’ Fans-First Approach

Jesse Cole, Owner of the Savannah Bananas baseball team, joins the Social Pros podcast to discuss how breaking the mold and rewriting the rules of social media often yields the best results. Huge thanks to our amazing sponsors for helping us make this happen. Please support them; we couldn't do it without their help! This week:

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Diehard baseball fans may be thinking, why fix something if it isn’t broken?

But Jesse Cole, Owner of Savannah Bananas and the Founder of Fans First Entertainment, saw a chance to stand out and endear himself to audiences by changing the game… a lot.

Jesse’s primary aim is to create content that serves his audience, and he’s certainly shaken things up when it comes to content creation. To let us in on his secrets, Jesse shares some of his out-of-the-box ideas from his new book, Fans First: Change the Game, Break the Rules & Create an Unforgettable Experience.

Jesse breaks down the “five Es” needed to create raving fans and explains why the key to building a brand lies in something as simple as being different.

In This Episode:

  • 2:03 - Jesse gives some background insights on Savannah Bananas
  • 4:21 - Jesse talks more about ‘expanding the baseball experience’
  • 5:27 - How the Savannah Bananas world tour has evolved
  • 6:17 - A breakdown of who, and what, makes up the Savannah Bananas team
  • 8:11 - How Jesse identified and eliminated friction points from baseball
  • 10:29 - The benefits of taking a fans-first approach
  • 11:59 - How to identify hidden sources of friction
  • 15:22 - How Jesse approaches experimentation for the Savannah Bananas brand
  • 22:31 - How the Savannah Bananas shoot their footage
  • 25:45 - What Jesse’s social team looks like
  • 28:00 - Why Jesse believes the Savannah Bananas would still be a sensation without social media
  • 28:53 - Why it pays to be different
  • 33:41 - What lies in the future for Savannah Bananas
  • 35:34 - Jesse’s advice to aspiring social pros


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