Tales From Two Hosts: Jay & Adam’s Magic Mic Moments

We’re doing something different this week as our very own Jay Baer, Anna Hrach, and Adam Brown sit down together for what may be the last time in a long while. They reminisce over their humble beginnings, discuss future plans, and the direction the show will take as Jay and Adam transition to new projects.

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With over 10 years and more than 500 episodes under their belts, hosts Jay Baer and Adam Brown sit down together to celebrate the end of an era.

With Adam embarking on the adventure of repurposing his father’s bestseller, “Life's Little Instruction Book,” and Jay jumping on TikTok to discuss all things Tequila, the show is now in the more than capable hands of Anna Hrach (and two new mystery hosts).

As promised, it’s not our usual episode format, there are games, witty quips, advice for the future hosts, and an interesting anecdote about a mysterious hole in Anna’s backyard. So, tune in as they close this chapter to give way for the next one.

In This Episode:

  • 02:27 - What Adam will be up to during his sabbatical
  • 05:30 - Adam looks back at his experience in social media
  • 08:45 - How Adam got his start on Social Pros
  • 09:51 - Anna’s take on what Jay and Adam’s first couple of shows were like
  • 10:40 - Jay officially hands over the reins of the show to Anna
  • 12:10 - How Social Pros got its start
  • 13:11 - What Anna does at Convince and Convert
  • 13:54 - Anna gives some background on what she used to do before Convince and Convert
  • 14:38 - Why Anna thinks Reddit is a fascinating social platform
  • 15:24 - Anna’s insights and hopes for the show moving forward
  • 19:13 - What Jay will be up to once he leaves social pros
  • 20:30 - Jay and Adam play ‘guess the quote’
  • 27:12 - How the role of social media professionals has changed since the show started
  • 32:32 - Adam and Jay share parting advice
  • 37:38 - Anna shares some clues about the identities of her new co-hosts


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