How Reddit Broke the Fourth Wall and the Internet

Allison Day, Social Media Manager at Reddit, takes the mic on this Social Pros episode to tell us how Reddit successfully maintains a presence across all social media platforms.

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Social media platforms featured on other social media platforms – it doesn’t get more meta than that. But that’s pretty much what Allison Day, Social Media Manager at Reddit, does with her team day-in-day-out.

In this Social Pros episode, Allison shares some insights into what Reddit seeks to achieve by creating a presence across social platforms. She also gives us a sneak peek into how she achieves that with the mountains of content out there.

Gear up to hear about all the nuances of different social media platforms, Allison’s content creation process, and of course, that time that Reddit practically broke the internet over Wall Street bets.

In This Episode:

  • 6:15 How people react when Allison tells them she does social on other social media networks for Reddit
  • 7:33 Reddit’s goals on other social media channels
  • 9:13 Allison’s approach to bringing Reddit to life on other channels
  • 11:36 How Reddit overlaps with other social media platforms
  • 13:27 The major KPIs for sharing Reddit content on other sites
  • 15:15 Allison gives an overview of what subreddit place is
  • 18:50 Where to find Reddit on all social media platforms
  • 19:30 Allison gives a breakdown of her social media team at Reddit
  • 21:00 Reddit’s social media strategy on LinkedIn
  • 23:22 How Allison stays up to date with trends on different platforms
  • 26:30 What Allison’s content creation process is like
  • 28:58 Reddit: user or business focused?
  • 30:27 Allison’s favorite Reddit campaign
  • 37:10 Allison’s advice for anyone looking to be a social pro


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