How Peloton Spins up Massive Social Engagement

Kate Winick, Senior Director of Social Media at Peloton, is on the Social Pros podcast to discuss everything from how she makes managing a big social team look so effortless to how Peloton connects with a huge audience.

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With new algorithms popping up every other day, there’s a lot to consider when engaging audiences on social. It’s no longer just about how many likes or shares a post gets. It’s about monitoring how you're perceived in the industry and the world.

If there’s one person who understands this well, it’s Kate Winick, the Senior Director of Social Media at Peloton. She joins Social Pros to share some insights into how things work behind the scenes at Peloton and how the team manages to engage such a large audience.

Kate also tells us how Peloton maintains the balance between giving its instructors creative freedom and fostering brand integrity. There’s even a little bit on some of the most highly underrated metrics social pros should be looking out for today. So, this is an episode you don’t want to miss!

In This Episode:

  • 03:27 Kate shares some insights from her day-to-day at Peloton
  • 05:31 How Kate aligns all her duties and fosters collaboration
  • 09:00 How Peloton taps into engaging conversations on social
  • 14:00 Kate talks about Peloton’s Cody Rigsby campaign and its unexpected engagement levels
  • 18:49 How Peloton integrates instructors into their overall social strategy
  • 21:05 Steps brands can take to start handing over the reins of creativity to influencers
  • 24:35 How Peloton measures their success
  • 27:12 Highly underrated metrics you should be looking at
  • 28:37 Benefits of having a data analyst
  • 29:39 How Kate approaches team building and growth
  • 34:02 Some of the team training and management challenges Kate faces
  • 37:00 Kate’s take on addressing burnout among social pros
  • 41:16 Kate’s advice to aspiring social pros


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