125 Dave Nellist - former 'Workers' MP on a Worker's Wage' discusses the Tory sleaze scandal

We sat down with Socialist Party member Dave Nellist to discuss the latest Tory sleaze scandal, how he went about only taking a average worker's wage and how as a supporter of the Militant (now the Socialist Party) he used his position as a Labour MP to give a voice for working class people everywhere and fight for socialist change.

Dave was a ‘Militant’ Labour MP for Coventry South East 1983-92 before being explleed from the Labout Party in 1991 for refusing to pay the Poll Tax and was a Socialist Party Councillor in Coventry between 1998-2012.

Currently Dave is the chair of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC), which the Socialist Party is a part of alongside the RMT trade union and others.

TUSC is preparing to stand candidates in the council elections in May against councillors - Labour, Tory or others - who continue to carry out austerity attacks on working-class communities.

We invite trade unionists and community campaigners, who are prepared to pledge to oppose the council cuts, to stand with us as part of TUSC.

We hope this can be a step towards building a new, mass working-class party to fight in our interests, not those of the bosses.

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