123. Cuban protests – what do they represent?

Cuban protests – what do they represent?

On 11 July, Cuba was rocked by the largest protests to have taken place since the “Maleconazo” protests that erupted in 1994. The 1994 protests followed the collapse of the former USSR and the abrupt cutting off of aid to Cuba. It resulted in a staggering 30% decline in Cuban GDP and the introduction of what Fidel Castro dubbed at the time the “special period”.

The protests in July 2021 undoubtedly have been trumpeted by imperialism yet they may represent a decisive change in the situation in Cuba. They may have shocked some on the left who have looked towards Cuba as an alternative to capitalism and standing up against the might of US imperialism.

Many have looked to the impressive gains made in Cuba following the revolution in 1959/60 in health, education, literacy and other areas. The Socialist Party and CWI has consistently defended the conquests made by the revolution. At the same time, we have criticized the bureaucratic top-down methods of rule, and the absence of genuine workers’ democracy and democratic workers’ control and management of the nationalised economy.
Unfortunately, most of the gains of the revolution have been eroded over the last thirty years. It is, therefore, necessary for socialists to accurately assess what is unfolding in Cuba and draw crucial lessons from it.

What has sparked this latest crisis in the country?
What's the nature of the forces involved in the protests and counter protests?
Is there a threat of counter revolution?
What would that mean for the Cuban working class and poor?
What is the nature of the Cuban state that emerged for the 1959 revolution?
What is the international relevance of developments in Cuba and the future of the Cuban revolution?
What programme should socialists be fighting for in Cuba ?

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Cuban protests – what do they represent?

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