116. May elections and crisis in the Labour Party

The Tories are claiming victory – but what is the perspective for Johnson and his party? The austerity they are planning for the working class and the lack of solutions that they have for all the problems we face will smash any hope-against-hopes there is that they will improve things.

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) is the electoral coalition in which the Socialist Party participates. Following Starmer’s reclaiming of the Labour Party for big business TUSC was back in action standing no-cuts and socialist candidates for this election. How did TUSC get on?

Why does the working class need a political voice and how can it be built?

This episode of Socialism looks at the 2021 elections in Britain and what they tell us about the crisis in Labour - and the key tasks facing the working class and the fight against the coming post-covid austerity.

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